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Letter from Patrice de Marigny to our Managing Director Warren Cummins


Dale Carnegie learning tools, I believe is a must for anyone of any social status, skill set, and or person wanting to further themselves. Why do I say this, well my own experience is living proof that a small gesture from my dad when I was 18 years of age, literally changed who and what I have become.


As a youngster, I had everything I wanted. I surfed every day, dived for crayfish, built things with my hands, and rode my bike. All were solo sports and I did not develop, need or want any major social skills. At 18, instead of a party or cash, my dad bought me a gift, the best most useful gift any parent could give their child, a DALE CARNEGIE SALES SKILLS course. Now, for the record and for full disclosure, that was some 36 years ago in another country.


At first, I thought of selling it to someone who wanted or needed it more than I did but my dad convinced me that it was right for me. Reluctantly I went along to the first session. It was absolutely nothing that I thought it would be, I met people of all social and cultural backgrounds, I listened, learnt and loved every minute. I decided that if my dad thought it was good enough for me, then I would give it my best shot. Miracles do not happen overnight but given a little time and practice, with the tools I was learning,  I started to hold my own in discussions, found a love for selling concepts and debating or discussing issues with others. I ACTUALLY ENJOYED A LITTLE POSITIVE CONFRONTATION AND STARTED TO ASSERT MYSELF IN A SOCIALLY ACCEPTABLE WAY. Further to the obvious  learning’s, I met people who introduced me to other people and I learned to put into practice the skills of networking, building contacts, prospects and opportunities in a way that was not pushy sales oriented. Many of the business contacts and references I have today started in those early years.


From having been a humble kid who was happy with his own company and did not aspire to much, a simple opportunity of attending a Dale Carnegie course opened my world.


To contextualise, reviewing the past 10 years, I have been the sales and marketing executive of one of the largest world-wide brands of motor vehicles, headed as Managing Director, part of one of the largest banks (not in NZ) with over 54000 staff employed, and recently migrated across the world, with my family to be part of a wonderful NZ organisation who values the skills I compliment the company with.


Why did I mention this on the golf course? Well not because you were the MD of DC in NZ but my unwaivering belief that if I had not been given the gift of attending one of your life changing courses, I would not have been in a position to enrich my life, that of my family and the thousands of young and mature people whose careers, aspirations and hopes I became the custodian of.


All I can say is having experienced the opportunity to better myself through Dale Carnegie, I would not hesitate to recommend the learning’s of these courses to any parent, employer or even individual wanting to pay themselves. Do not hesitate to invest wisely by invest in yourself, after all it’s all you truly have. I did and am delighted with my return on my dads investment (hey, he reaps the rewards of that now too)


Warren, if this can change even one more person’s life then I have accomplished all I have set out to do.


Have a great day and hope we meet again




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